Hi everyone. I am a creative non-fiction writer and public speaker. After enjoying a decade of diverse roles as a lawyer, business editor, and head of client services, I’m pursuing my passion to write narratives stemming from my personal experiences.

Through my formative years and professional journey, I keenly observed commonplace situations, routine activities, habits and reactions, people and relationships. I have come to understand that in the ordinariness of life, there are fleeting yet beautiful moments of unassuming happiness, gratitude and calm. And in today’s all-consuming environments at work and play, they can easily get buried.

I recognize such moments, feel the layers of emotions in them, understand the why, draw a learning or two, and crystallize my thoughts into vivid narratives. Taking such pauses to reflect and write has helped me uncover the immense beauty in simplicity, stay close to my core, and enjoy contentment from being authentic in my words.

My work appears across national newspapers and digital publications. I have curated them under the themes Extraordinary in the Ordinary and Because I am a Woman. While the former offers thought-provoking and relatable nuances of everyday experiences, the latter engages you in bold and objective gender conversations. When not writing, I speak at events and share original stories.

Over the years, when my readers expressed how they connected with my narratives, I felt a sense of purpose to my work.

Columnist at Thrive Global India.
Published at Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Tribune, The Speaking Tree, International News and Views Corporation,  Jaipur Literature Festival, Thrive Global, Women’s Web, and Spark.