Because I am a woman

Celebrating womanhood together

Hindustan Times invited me to share my thoughts on the evolving status of women on International Women’s Day.
Published at Hindustan times.

HT: What is the most pressing issue(s) girls and women in India face?

Anusha: Lack of confidence in law enforcement systems is a pressing issue. When a girl suffers a wrong at home or outside, walking up to the police station and registering a complaint for redress demands ‘courage’ instead of being as comfortable as sharing that wrong with a friend. With a real fear of victimization and hostility, her ‘access’ to state machinery at ground level exists more in letter than spirit.

HT: How has women’s world and their empowerment changed in your generation from what it was in the times of your mother/grandmother/daughter/granddaughter.

Anusha: During my mother’s generation and before, women accepted what they were told. The believed what they were taught. They agreed even when they wanted to disagree. In my generation, women question. They want to ‘choose’ their lives. They are fighting to break away from archaic social norms. They are connecting digitally, and actively sharing their voice publicly, irrespective of a backlash. The women empowerment narrative is turning into a movement.

These views were published at HT Spotlight special issue, Hindustan Times.

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