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Featured on Humans of Bombay for compassion during lockdown

Humans of Bombay covered my story on feeding over 40 homeless dogs right from the start of the lockdown and then adopting two.
Published at Official Humans of Bombay.

“For the last 18 years, I’ve been feeding homeless animals every day. But when the lockdown was announced, I knew that the dogs were going to be in danger. So, I registered as a feeder with the local police station. But the number of abandoned dogs started growing– I was feeding about 35 homeless animals by the end of May.

On certain days, when there were vehicular restrictions, my husband and I would fill our backpacks and trek to the feeding points, even if it meant carrying 20kgs of food and medicines. We were trying our level best, but we were still criticized. One neighbour even said, ‘Why are you feeding them? This is the best opportunity to let them starve and die.’

On one of those days, a pup that I’d been looking after was severely injured. She was almost immobile and writhing in pain. As I held her in my arms, I began sobbing uncontrollably. That’s when her mother nudged me gently to comfort me. I felt an instant connection with this mother-daughter duo– we called them Rain and Snow.

Thankfully, after 5 days of dedicated medication, healthy diet, and prayers, Snow recovered beautifully. For the next 2 months, whenever our car neared their feeding point, Rain and Snow would wait for us, at the same spot. Even before I could open the car door completely, Snow would jump up on my lap– it was the happiest moment of my day!

Things started getting better after the lockdown was eased. But I wasn’t ready to part with the mother-daughter duo– they were family. Not to mention, Snow was just a month old when I first met her– I knew she was very delicate and may not survive on her own. So, I decided to adopt both Rain and Snow!

I never imagined bringing home two dogs at once, but then, I didn’t have the heart to separate them. My husband and I are now proud parents to our 2 babies! Since the time we’ve adopted them, we’ve realized that all they ever really needed was our love, and to never again feel unwanted. So that’s what we’re trying to do by giving them a home.”

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A story of hope and compassion - with homeless dogs

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