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Happy again for you, brother, I cry once more

Sometimes even the most predictable events can give you so much happiness. A moment at my brother’s batna marriage ritual.
Published at Hindustan Times.

My brother got engaged on June 19, 2016, at Suratgarh Cantonment in Rajasthan, which was a joy to all family. As my handsome brother and his lovely fiancée exchanged rings, my endorphins touched stratospheric heights. I had never imagined that I would be so deeply emotional and contended on this occasion.

My brother, though five years younger, is more of a companion, close friend, an inseparable piece of my heart, with whom I can share anything. Peppered with his wit, our conversations range from photographing landscapes in Ladakh to preparing the best cold coffee in the world. He reminds me of the beauty that lies in staying ‘clean at heart’ and the happiness one can drive from enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

The last time I became so overwhelmed was when my brother was commissioned into the army. He was set to leave for the Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai, and I was to see him off at the Ambala Cantt railway station. As I walked with him towards the train, my eyes fell upon the big black trunk holding his clothes and other belongings, ready to be loaded into his coach. The bold letters in bright white paint read, ‘GENTLEMAN CADET (GC) ANIKET SINGH.’ That’s when it dawned on me that my brother was at the cusp of crossing over to a new phase of life.

He was going to be an officer, a gentleman of the esteemed defence forces of the country, patriotic and spirited like our father. Suddenly, tears of pride welled up in my eyes. I couldn’t explain myself the sea of emotions I experienced. As my brother waved me goodbye and the train chugged past me, it was the start of a new beginning for him.

Five years since that Saturday on the railway station, I was experiencing a similar upheaval of emotions post my brother’s engagement. The happiness that comes from the merging of two families, which creates new relations, makes new friendships, fosters hope and an even happier tomorrow. It has sunk in slowly once again that my brother was upon another new stage in his life, as meaningful as the last one. It promised a partnership for life that would guide him to the joy of companionship and shared happiness.

I am mindful that most people get engaged. It is not uncommon or unique, nor is it a life decision that is off the beaten track. Yet, my brother’s engagement was my most special occasion ever. But then, as he puts it, ‘sometimes even the most predictable events can give you so much happiness.’ Thank you my lovable brother for enriching my life with your effortless simplicity.

This article was published at Hindustan Times.

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